My Experience in Guangzhou, China – Dom Fayemi

After finishing my senior year at Georgia State University, I began to look for various study abroad programs in the medical field in preparation for dental school. AACC turned out to be the best choice I could’ve ever hoped for. Not only did I get to experience more then I expected to, but I also had a great time while making some great friends along the way. I spent 3 weeks in Guangzhou. During that time I was able to shadow various types of physicians and dentists while also learning and experiencing Chinese culture in a very unique way first hand. The campus we stayed on, Lantai, was beautiful. The staff were extremely hospitable, and I am extremely grateful to their help over the weeks. There were multiple different activities and classes planned for us, but there were also multiple free days where we were able to completely plan out the day. I would recommend AACC to any student who would love a completely different perspective on the careers in your field while also immersing yourself into Chinese culture!