AACC Program Experience – Emily Ye

Hello! My name is Emily Ye. I am a first year student at North Carolina State University majoring in Biology. I am definitely sure that I want to pursue a career in the medical field in the future. AACC has been such a big help for me in allowing me to experience the life of doctors in multiple departments of a hospital.
This program has been such a big impact on my life from helping me narrow my decisions on what I want to do in the future to helping me practice my Chinese and understanding the Chinese culture even more. During our time at the hospital, I got to witness my first surgery. It was so amazing how I was able to stand so close to an operating table and see the doctors at work. Being able to watch each person doing their own job and working together to help the patient was so fascinating to me. I hope that in the future, I would be able to help as many people as the doctor I met on this trip.
Although this program is centered around medicine, it is not all we got to study. Throughout our time in Qing Dao, we saw a different aspect of life very different from that we normally see in America. Qing Dao is a city enriched with culture. From learning about traditional table manners to visiting a temple on top of a mountain, we, as students were able to study a lot about traditions and arts in this country.
I would like to thank this program for allowing me to study in China in a field that I am so passionate about. I would also like to thank our hospital and all the doctors and staff for allowing us to shadow and giving us so many rare opportunities. With AACC, I am even more excited about my future in the medical field. I am so glad that I was able to be a part of this program and I can not wait for what’s to come!