Very Happy for my Daughter :) – Agatha

My daughter was looking for an opportunity to immerse herself into the field of medicine, preferably a bit more “hands on” than what is open to students in the US. She found this program and was immediately amazed at the close proximity it promised between the participants and the doctors/patients. I was a bit skeptical, since she had already volunteered in hospitals and never got the chance to experience what she was looking for. But- since she is also very interested in learning new languages and cultures, and Chinese is very high on her wish list- I thought she could not go wrong by choosing to join this program.

The registration process was very easy. They guided us through all steps, they sent a detailed packing list, and they picked up each participant from the airport. Charlene (my daughter) was amazed almost immediately. They were taken to the hospital and were allowed to accompany the doctors to visit patients, to see the ICU, and even to observe surgeries. The program director asked us earlier if the participants would be interested in any specific fields, so that they could try to organize the visits in those hospital domains. Throughout the program, I continually felt that they wanted to make sure everyone is happy and has the best possible learning experience they could have. What was only a hope for my daughter before the program became a reality during it: she learned very much and could closely observe both medical procedures and surgeries. She got to speak with the doctors, could ask whatever she wanted to, and made friends with the staff at Lantai, the company that was so nice to open their doors to the students. It is at Lantai that the students participated in cultural activities, bringing Chinese traditions nearer. They also had multiple opportunities to explore the city as they wished and had many such occasions to relax. Their time was so well organized, that they even had time to volunteer on the side.
They also found multiple great friends among the Lantai personnel.

As a parent, we were always connected and received pictures and updates on their activities, which let us participate with our children in this wonderful program.

My daughter learned extremely much and I would definitely recommend this program to every student interested in the medical field, and all others who wish to spend amazing time in another country where people are very friendly, where culinary experiences are so great, and where they can make great friends.

I always felt as a part of the program and they definitely exceeded
our expectations! I hope she can participate next year as well. Amazing experience, thank you!!!