AACC Online Shadowing 2020 – Brendan Vo

This is my first year being a part of the AACC program. Despite the program being online, I gained much insight into the medical field as a high school student.
For me, this year was slightly different than last year. Not only is there non-traditional learning for schools in the U.S., but COVID hit my house. I was really struggling in the aspects of my personal life. Although it was hard, I knew that the doctors were also busy and the fact that they gave time to teach us these things was so thoughtful. I also appreciate how my situation was considered and how the environment wasn’t uncomfortable at all.
Overall, this experience was helpful. This was an unique chance for one to learn about being a doctor earlier than I would in college. I definitely would recommend this program to anyone I know at my school who is interested in medicine. Thank you!