AACC Online Shadowing Program Review – Matthew Sun

Overall, I thought everything in this program was excellent! The learning environment was very inclusive, having people from all different ages, backgrounds, and professions. Also, the learning environment was extremely helpful because the doctors and staff were eager to help us and answer our questions. The learning environment was exceptionally engaging and professional, so we were able to be productive and learn a lot of things while experiencing what it’s like to be a doctor. I really enjoyed this program because I got to learn a lot of knowledge from the doctors’ presentations, but that’s not all. I also gained some experience about being a doctor from watching the doctors do surgeries. This will definitely help me in the future because it helped me open my eyes to such things. However, my most important takeaway was being able to witness the doctors’ integrity when they were doing their jobs. They did every task with great precision, care, and meaning, and they clearly showed that they placed their heart in their everyday work of saving lives. This is the greatest thing I admire, and I wish to follow their example and become a doctor like them in the future. I recommend this program to every young student out there who wishes to become a doctor because this is genuinely a remarkable opportunity. Thank you AACC!