Qingdao Branch

Qingdao Branch

AACC Qingdao Branch Ai Zhi Yuan Education Development Co., Ltd., is a comprehensive academic and vocational training facilitator. Qingdao AZY has been involved in multiple facets of education and training since it was founded in 2008. Qingdao AZY works with people seeking high-quality training and with organizations seeking high-quality staff, trainees and interns. Qingdao AZY provides the connections and supports students seeking professional development or experience. This include specific support for international students.

Programs and connections that Qingdao AZY is involved with include supporting college interns, graduate research aides, business trainees and professionals fulfilling obligations in order to keep or maintain licenses and certifications. One technique used by both students and on-going professionals is to follow a senior professional throughout his/her daily routine. Professional shadowing opportunities are a key that helps students better understand a given career path and to obtain a “real world” picture to compare with their dreams.

As partners, Qingdao AZY works with high-quality teaching and training organizations on both contract and on-going basis. Qingdao AZY works closely with national and local government administrators to ensure that all regulations are met and that training is of the highest quality and effectiveness.

Shadowing is a common practice for university students in science, business, engineering, nursing or pre-med programs trying to decide on a career path. Qingdao AZY works with partner firms to support and facilitate professional shadowing programs at local companies, research centers and hospitals. This support includes housing, administrative and logistical services. These programs are available to Chinese and international students.

With China’s ongoing economic growth and expansion of research in technology, science and healthcare students from around the world are eager to come to China. Qingdao AZY and its partners are eager to support you as you explore career paths.