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Asia America Career Connection Corp. (AACC )’s Physician Shadowing in China Program
Help You Explore Medical Field and Chinese Healthcare System
Empower and Prepare You for Your Dream Career


Shadowing a professional during his or her daily activities gives you insight into the nature of the profession. This insight assists you with making the best choices for your future career. Having that experience and making the decision to proceed along a specific career path enables others to better assess you and your commitment to the rigors of life-long training and the highest levels of professionalism.

Physician shadowing is a critical component of your application to medical or dental school. Our mission is to help undergraduate students interested in pursuing a future in medicine/ dentistry gain better insight into the true nature of medical professions and to help them make better career choices. Our goal is to empower these passionate, eager, and determined students to enter the application process as prepared as possible by providing a unique exposure to international healthcare services operating at the highest level of quality, technical sophistication and professionalism.

Healthcare services are part of the ongoing globalization process today. Successful participation in our physician shadowing in China programs demonstrates a level of maturity that can only be obtained through physician shadowing experience and subsequent reflection. Also you will strengthen your school application credentials via an understanding of international health care and collaboration in delivering medical services of the highest quality.

Commitment to a profession is not only represented through academic achievement, but also by a demonstrated willingness to make sacrifices in the name of public welfare. Our mission is to equip you, passionate, eager, and determined students who are interested in pursuing a future in medicine/ dentistry, with the opportunity to explore this profession and expand your worldly perspective through our program.

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