Guangzhou Branch

Guangzhou Branch

AACC Guangzhou Branch Lantai Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. was originally founded in 1996 as a professional organization committed to promoting healthy drinking water. Since its initial founding, the company has expanded its focus to the promotion of a traditional Chinese lifestyle with the overarching goal of helping people achieve a holistic body of health that takes into account physical well-being, social cohesiveness, and cultural awareness.

Lantai has worked with well-known medical and research institutions to actively investigate the benefits of alkaline filtered water. Having achieved promising initial experimental results, Lantai has worked with the Chinese Center for Disease Control to install its own physical and chemical laboratories in order to assess and control water quality. The company believes that the mission of supporting healthy lifestyles and protecting the environment can be achieved by facilitating sustainable access to clean water.

In 2012, the Lantai Community Foundation was established to further spread this message to local communities. In addition to the organization’s goals of promoting public health through improved water quality and establishing environmental clean-up groups, the Community Foundation also emphasizes educating the general public on how this can be achieved through a healthy and traditional Chinese lifestyle. Lantai has supported numerous efforts to assist low-income and elderly people to achieve their physical and mental health goals by organizing cultural workshops that are centralized around disciplines such as Tai Chi, Chinese brush painting, and tea ceremonies. The organization has successfully promoted this public education by financing teacher training workshops. The foundation has recently brought its message to the global stage by supporting international students and interns from Europe and Asia. Currently, Lantai maintains accommodations for over 300 domestic and international visitors.

Successfully promoting a healthy lifestyle and accomplishing Lantai’s mission of “Making the people of the world healthy and happy” requires a vision that transcends geographic barriers. In order to further advance this interpretation of health as a fundamental human right, we are inspired to establish an international physician shadowing program for undergraduate students interested in pursuing a future in medicine. Expanding the professional and worldly perspectives of passionate, eager, and determined students is an investment that we hope will uplift healthcare systems around the globe. Let’s work together to bring health and happiness to the people of the world.

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