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Posted by aaccadmin on September 16, 2018
Category: student comment, students
AACC is the great program that offers a rich and rewarding experience, which has deeply influence for students’ life. It helps them to pursue medical field career in the future. There is no way that they could have experienced what they did in China, in any American hospital I think. As the mission of AACC mentioned, the program also let students to understand better of global health care system. They have a chance to open
This Program has provided me an experience of a lifetime. Not only was I exposed to the medical field everyday, I was exposed to Chinese culture and tradition. I learned so much about medicine, culture, and even myself. My only regret is not staying longer!
My daughter was looking for an opportunity to immerse herself into the field of medicine, preferably a bit more “hands on” than what is open to students in the US. She found this program and was immediately amazed at the close proximity it promised between the participants and the doctors/patients. I was a bit skeptical, since she had already volunteered in hospitals and never got the chance to experience what she was looking for. But-