Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is eligible to apply?
High school and college students. If you are under 18 when you apply for the on-site program, we will also need consent from your parent or guardian.

2. How can I apply the program?
Step 1: Complete the Application Form Eligibility Requirements
• You must be 18 years old when your program begins (This is not required for high school program).
• Good academic and disciplinary standing
• Independence, self-reliance, and maturity necessary to obtain the benefits of studying abroad
• Enthusiasm for cultural engagement
• Willingness and ability to embrace the challenges of shadowing abroad
• Fill out the Application Form as soon as you know you are interested in our shadowing program.

If you apply before February 1st, you will receive a $200 discount for all summer programs!

Step 2: Finish the Interview

• Our Admission managers will arrange an interview with you about 1-2 weeks after we received your application.
• The interview will be an about 30-minute phone or video call during which we will assess your potential fit for a placement in the physician shadowing in China program.

3. When should I apply?
You can apply for the program 30 days before your start date, but we encourage you to apply as soon as you know you are interested in our shadowing program. If you apply before Oct 1st for Winter Program and Mar 1st for summer program you will receive a $200 discount.

4. How much does it cost?
It depends on the weeks you will shadow. Please see the details on our PRICE page.

5. Who are your programs looking for?
To be a successful applicant, you must demonstrate a strong academic record, clear motivation to shadowing abroad, solid reasoning for your program choice and why the AACC model is right for your study abroad goals.

6. Is there academic criteria to meet before I’m accepted?
All of our programs are aimed towards prospective and current pre-healthcare students, and it’s our view that you will enjoy the programs immensely if you have an interest in healthcare, and would like to explore China. We are looking for students who have a strong academic record, clear motivation to shadowing abroad, and who are passionate, eager and determined to contribute to healthcare systems around the globe.

7. Do I need to speak Chinese?
No. Hospital mentors, in-country staff and program coordinators are all English-speaking. We also have translators at site as well. However, if you know how to speak some Chinese, it is a good chance to use it!

8. How long should I go for?
It depends on your schedule and how many departments you would like to shadow,  as well as how many hours you would like to shadow.

9. What is the shadowing day like?
Students should expect about six hours per day (five hours for shadowing and one hour for meeting with doctors or medical school students) and four days per week in the hospital on average. You will rotate through different clinical areas in our partner hospitals each week depending on your selections. We suggest you select at least one more department than you need, and rank them in order of preference since we cannot guarantee the placement. We will let you know your rotation after we finish your placement.

10. What areas of healthcare may I observe during my shadowing?
There are more than 50 departments, about 850 doctors in our partner hospitals. You will have a lot of selections. Please see the application form for more details.

11. What are students permitted to do in hospital during my shadowing?
Students are strictly observing in their time in the hospitals. We are committed to adhering to AAMC guidelines for pre-health students participating in a clinical experience abroad. See official AAMC guidelines. Though our students may see more than they would typically see in a U.S. hospital, they must refrain from doing anything which would not be permitted in the US.

12. Can I receive Course Credit for shadowing in China?
It depends on your university. If you wish to obtain course credit you should contact your academic advisors or university study abroad program.

13. In addition to shadowing, may I have research and volunteering opportunities in China?
We offer an English-language tutoring program and other volunteer components. These volunteer programs allow our students to give back to the hospital staff in their site by teaching/tutoring English skills, providing a helping hand around the hospital, or volunteering in specific wards. We also offer the opportunities for medical research as well so our students will have chance to observe/join some clinic trials or medical lab research.

14. Does the price include flights?
No. Students join us from all over the world, so including flights as part of our standardized package wouldn’t be practical. You’re also likely to get the best deal by shopping around online or by using a travel agent, as airfare can change on a daily basis. We’re happy to recommend travel agents who are familiar with our programs and destinations—they will make sure that you get to the right place at the right time!

15. What’s included in the price?
Our prices include all you need when you shadow in China: including your hospital placement, health tutorials, accommodation, translator, all meals, dorm, clean lines, airport pickup and send, transfer on arrival, local orientation, in-country support, help with your preparations, and a comprehensive online trip planner—there’s more detail about all of these on our prices page.

16. What else do I need to budget for?
You will need to budget for flights, passport, visas, travel insurance, and personal spending money for socializing, weekend travel, buying souvenirs etc. We’ll give you more information to help you plan how much to bring, and how to carry your money as part of our pre-departure service.

17. Can I know other students in my group?
Because all of our students share a common interest in healthcare, our programs create an exciting and engaging atmosphere where it’s easy to make friends! You will receive your group students’ information so you can contact other students before your start date. We will also post our staff contact information and pictures before your start date so you can get to know them before your start date.

18. Which airport should I fly to?
Destination Airports:
Guangzhou Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport (CAN)
Qingdao Qingdao Liuting International Airport (TAO)

19. When should I book my flight?
Please book your ticket after you received your offer of admission.

When you book early, you will have more choices and get a better deal.

20. How should I book my flight?
If you want the best deal, shop around. Talk to travel agents, but also check out some online flight comparison websites.

We work with a partner travel agent who knows our destinations well and offers a great service—simply contact us for details.

21. Do I need insurance?
Students are required to have travel insurance. Consult with your travel and insurance agents for details.

22. Do I need my passport and a visa?
Yes. You will need a passport that is valid for at least six months after the program ends. If you do not have one, you are encouraged to apply for it as soon as possible. Regular passport processing times are typically 4-6 weeks.

Yes, you need a visa unless you are a Chinese citizen. We will provide step-by-step instructions to enrolled students with full details on what you need and how to apply for a Chinese visa.

23. What vaccinations do I need?
We recommend that you consult your family doctor or travel nurse on medication and vaccinations for your trip, as what you require depends on your medical and travel history. You should do this around two months before your trip.

For shadowing at hospital, you must be immune to measles, mumps, rubella, varicella and pertussis.
All shadow visitors must receive influenza vaccine annually.

For more information, see the vaccination requirements form.

24. What do I need to take with me?
Once your application is accepted, we will send you a Student Handbook. The Student handbook will provide you with a suggested packing list. You can also call or email us anytime if you have any specific questions about what to take with you.

Note:  Bring sufficient supplies of any required medications or prescription medicine; Bring a copy of any prescriptions.

25. Will I be met at the airport?
Yes, provided that you book your flights to arrive at our specified airport at the required time within our specified arrival windows, one of our staff will be waiting at the airport to meet you when you land.

26. How do I get back to the airport when leaving?
Our staff will send you to the airport if you leave within our specified windows.

27. How do I organize weekend trips and safaris?
Our local staff have a great knowledge of popular weekend activities and we also offer some amazing weekend trips. If you would like to have other activities, we are always happy to help with planning.

28. What if I want to stay longer in my location or to travel to other places in China?
That is fine. You can stay longer at the same location or travel to other places in China, but housing will not be provided prior to the first day of your program or after the last day of your program, therefore, you will need to make your own travel arrangements.

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