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Below are the details regarding the application process. We also offer scholarships!

AACC Scholarship Information:

AACC offers a limited number of scholarships for undergraduate students with excellent academic records, outstanding promise, and eagerness for pursuing a career in medicine. Our holistic review of scholarship candidates considers academic achievement, leadership qualities, and commitment to service.  We also consider the promise of passionate, eager, and determined students whose engagement in pursuing a career in medicine is evidentAACC Scholarship has a separate application available here and also under “Application Process”.

Application Process

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Step 1: Complete the Application Form

To be a successful applicant, you must demonstrate a strong academic record, clear motivation to shadowing abroad, and solid reasoning for your program choice and why the AACC model is right for your study abroad goals.

Eligibility Requirements:

• You must be 18 years or older when your program begins (This is not required for high school program)
• Good academic and disciplinary standing
• Independence, self-reliance, and maturity necessary to obtain the benefits of studying abroad
• Enthusiasm for cultural engagement
• Willingness and ability to embrace the challenges of shadowing abroad
• Fill out the Application Form as soon as you know you are interested in our shadowing program. If you apply before early registration date, you will receive a discount.

Step 2: Finish The Interview

• Our Admission managers will arrange an interview with you within about 1-2 weeks after we received your application.
• The interview will be an about 30-minute phone or video call during which we will assess your potential fit for a placement in the physician shadowing in China program.

Step 3: Offer Of Admission

• An admission notification with your replacement will send to you in 2 weeks after your interviewing.
• A non-refundable Program Deposit fee of $500 is required in order to secure your place in the program followed by 2 payments due 60 days and 30 days before your start date.
• Submit the following documents:

Immunization Record
Application Agreement
Release Form

Step 4: Get Your Visa

• All students will need to have a passport that is valid for at least six months after the program ends. If you do not have one, you are encouraged to apply for it as soon as possible. Regular passport processing time is typically 4-6 weeks.
• We will provide step-by-step instructions to enrolled students with full details on what you need and how to apply.

Step 5: Book Your Airplane Ticket

• You are responsible for arranging your flights.
• We’re happy to recommend travel agents who know our programs well, but you can find great deals on your own by using an online flight comparison website.
• More information regarding travel to and from your trip will be provided with the admissions review forms upon applying.

Step 6: Package and Read To Go

• More package information is included in Student Handbook.
• Four weeks before your start date, we’ll provide you with the detailed information of the hospital and departments you’ll be working in.
• Three weeks before your start date, we will provide you with the information of the other students who will be in the same program with you.
• Two weeks before your start date, we will provide you with the information of the support team in China, including the picture of the persons who will meet and greet you at the airport when you arrive.

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