Our Team

Qing Shi
Chief Executive Officer

Qing Shi graduated from Fudan University in Shanghai earning B.S. and M.A. degrees. Ms. Shi has worked as a research supervisor for honor undergraduate students at the Pediatric Department of UNC-Chapel Hill Medical School and at the Nutrition Department of the UNC-Chapel Hill Gillings School of Public Health for over 20 years.

After witnessing so many of her students’ successes and struggles as they pursued health careers, Qing Shi has long been interested in establishing a physician shadowing program. The AACC shadowing program allows students to go into the operating room, intensive care unit and emergency room to observe and live the day-to- day life of a physician. This experience will assist students in making the best-informed career decisions. The experience through the AACC program will help students stand out during the medical school application process.

Qing Shi is extremely excited to have her dream of creating such a program come to fruition. She has assembled a team of colleagues who will make your shadowing experience a personal and professional success. The AACC Shadowing In China Program, with its growing number of partner organizations and specialist outpatient services, will empower you to chase your career goals.


Yi Zhang
Director of Operations

Yi has graduated from both Shandong University in China and Boston University. Her studies have helped her better understand both cultures and school systems. Yi’s first company Shandong Dongyu was founded in 1996 in China. The company has teamed up with Lantai Ltd. for both domestic and international projects over the years. Inspired by her entrepreneurship, Yi studied management at Boston University in 2000. Over the past 17 years, Yi has founded or cofounded Apex Montessori School, Apex Tutor Studio and Asia America Career Connection Corp.

Having worked in the education industry for years and being passionate about China’s culture, booming economy, technical innovations and the creativity of today’s China, Yi wants you to share in the experience.

Through the Physician Shadowing Program American students can experience China’s state-of- art medical facilities, learn about the Chinese health care system and explore the ancient and very modern civilization of China.


Frank Kelly
Program Consultant

Frank holds a Masters from Boston College in Finance and Management. He has worked internationally for over a decade. Frank has taught PhD students in Shanghai Finance and Economic University. He also taught graduate students in Northeastern University in Boston.

Frank understands and appreciates both Chinese and Western cultures. He is also passionate about protecting our beautiful home Earth and expanding one’s personal horizons.

Frank will assist all students in a variety of ways to insure your shadowing experience is excellent.

When not working, Frank enjoys exploring old forests and new restaurants.


Daniel Liu
Program Consultant

Daniel is originally from Chapel Hill, North Carolina and graduated from Brown University in 2016 with a B.S. degree in Neuroscience. Having followed the pre-medical track over the course of his time as an undergraduate student, he was inspired to join the AACC team because he believes in the universal importance that healthcare plays in populations around the globe.

The opportunity to engage in the daily operations of a hospital had a tremendous influence on his own decision to pursue a future as a physician. AACC’s mission of connecting students with healthcare providers in an international setting is a chance to cultivate future professionals who are inspired, culturally aware, and eager to make a difference. He is excited to assist other students with crafting their own unique professional journeys into healthcare.


Li Cai
AACC China Branch Coordinator, Lantai Foundation Co-founder

Li graduated from the Harbin Engineering University Department of Social Sciences in 1995. From 1995 to 2000 she worked in Shandong Weihai City High Technology Entrepreneurship Service Center, where she assisted entrepreneurs in establishing new businesses as well as ongoing services designed to promote success.

Li joined Lantai Ltd. in 2000 and currently holds the position of executive vice president. She has been honored as the head of Asia-Pacific International Functional Water Association’s Water and Health Science team. In 2012, Lantai Foundation was founded in Guangdong Province. Lantai’s mission is to promote traditional Chinese culture to the world and to help build a better society. Li serves as the foundation’s chairperson.

Lantai has invited international students to visit and study in China. Lantai now is Asia America Career Connection’s Chinese partner. Ms. Cai and all of Lantai welcome you.

AACC and Lantai will provide students opportunities to explore China and help them make their dreams come true.

Linda Zhang

Marketing Manager

Linda graduated from the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill in 2016 with a B.A. degree in Comparative Literature and minors in Chinese and Entrepreneurship.

At UNC Chapel Hill, she worked on marketing for several start-up companies and did consulting for the school’s Campus Health. In addition to her experience in business, she also developed a deep interest for China. She oversaw the growth of the university’s Chinese Living Learning Community as its student coordinator. She was also on the executive board for the Chinese Undergraduate Association and a delegate at 2013’s Duke UNC China Leadership Summit.

Over the past few years, she has traveled, worked, studied, and lived in Asia, developing her skills in both the business and education sector. She is excited to help expand AACC’s mission of providing future healthcare leaders with one of the best medical shadowing experience available all while introducing them to Chinese culture.

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